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by longtimecoming
Wed Apr 30, 2003 2:20 pm
Forum: Give Me a Moment
Topic: The Site So Far
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yo i would love to see an mp3 section, of live stuff and stuff from both albums., and make it the kind of mp3 that it stays on your comp once you down load it. i dont have a recording device, but still. its great that theres a place to write thel ong winters, even though i wont write cause sean does...
by longtimecoming
Sun Apr 27, 2003 12:47 pm
Forum: Cattywampus
Topic: hey wassup? its julie from
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hey wassup? its julie from

i havent been on the internet for a week, and i went to and found that tlw have theirown website! i have so far visited the board, not the rest of the website. wel l my name is julie, ihave seen the lw only once. they are so nice! so if you are from an d tell me a heads up an...

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