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Post by Liesbeth »

heather wrote:I have Sean Nelson in a jar.
won't believe that until I see a picture of it

I came across this logo when I was browsing on Shawn Wolfe's website.
It's aptly named long_judaspriest.

Has it ever been used, or is this the new style we can expect with the coming album?
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Post by Squid »

i had the green sticker up on my bulletin board at my old job.

and there was this guy, and he was really nice, right? and but so anyway, he came up to my desk on at least five different occasions and said,

"did i tell you that when i see that sticker, i always think it says, 'The Bong Winters', and i have to do a doubletake? HAHAHA!"

yeah. i don't work there anymore.
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not a long winter at al
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Post by not a long winter at al »

I can’t show you any TLW merch stuff that you haven’t seen before, but I have a wonderful Long Winters t-shirt that I want to share with you.
It looks like this:


and if you don’t see the TLW connection, just go to the Long Winters homepage…
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Re: I am the fanciest scenster of them all...

Post by chaplain »

heather wrote:I have Sean Nelson in a jar. Beat that, bitches*..

what part of him?
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Post by heather »

OMG like, i don't know!
Mike McCusker
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Re: stuff

Post by Mike McCusker »

I NEED that "Don't Yell At Me" shirt. Someone needs to sell it to me. Seriously, it's only you guys have it.
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