curses, john. *waaayhyyhyy*

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curses, john. *waaayhyyhyy*

Postby longtimecoming » Mon Jul 03, 2006 12:11 am

i suggest to get hyper for the long winters cd release show, before, at 6pm for every ldub (even the man,jrod) fan to go to candp coffee in west seattle on california ave for an unofficial ldubs rock night.,.my show is the same day as the ldubs, july 22. i have the coolest swag merch, my 5buck ep "france will turn julie frye against you" and....YOUR VERY OWN, UNIQUE, HAND PAINTED PET ROCK, (1.00 EACH)ID do shirts and buttons but i cant now. to make this thread rockin with ldubness, im learning how to sing "the commander speaks aloud" so, please, hang at a coffee shop, and see me play. i have a hand made gift for john, but i cant give it yet, i made him a custom made guitar strap, out of mine so when i can afford a new strap, this one is going to jro. i figured out i cant exactly play with out it, cause it will drop. THE LLLLLLLLLONG WINTERS, FOREVER IN YOUR GLOWINGNESS OF COOL NESS....ROCK LIVES!

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Postby GMM » Mon Jul 03, 2006 6:34 am

I would so be there if I lived in the USA.

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