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Supernintendo Chalmers
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After mysteriously disapearing for a while, the Gravity Lab show is back up. This is good news not only because I enjoy it very much, but also because there's a small piece of banter early in the show that I so like, it has entered my lexicon of seemingly meaningless catchphrases.

After "Shapes":

John: "How's it sound now? Anyone want to be amatuer sound engineer...?"
Sean: "More mids."

A small joke perhaps, but I think brilliant. So if we ever meet and I answer some question with "More mids" you know where I got it. It's also true that I may at some point blurt out "I/We don't know how to do shit that isn't EXTREME!" and I have this topic, and Unremarkable to thank for that.
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goodlooking band

Post by Like_a_zero »

At a london show this time last year whislt warming up the equipment at the beginning,
John : Are the guitars loud enough?
Sean : Is the band good looking enough?

it was a great show, incidentally, the brain abcess that developed later on (all is fine now) was possibly linked to a cold i caught on that visit to london. Has anyone ever suffered any injury at or whilst getting to a longwinters gig?
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Re: goodlooking band

Post by mildlyrestarted »

Like_a_zero wrote:Has anyone ever suffered any injury at or whilst getting to a longwinters gig?

every time; my heart breaks.
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Post by heather »

Yes. I have. I got a bloody nose during a l-dubs set.

But did it stop me from rocking? Hell no.
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Post by Endo23 »

There's some good stuff during, I think, the Maxwell's show that was posted on one of the Napster-clone mp3 sites a few months back. This show was after Sean's departure, so it's the leaner, meaner version of your typical LW banter, but John proves he can hold it down on his own when he needs to.

My favorite banter moments occurs about three songs in, after Shapes. It's definitely music geek banter, but that's me in a nutshell so it made me laugh long and hard. To whit:

<b>John:</b> So Mr. Sound Man, I have a big surprise for you, and for everyone here tonight, because I use two amplifiers generally, but for the last three songs one of them has not been turned on-- which accounts for the incredible lo-fi tone that I was getting. But now I've turned the other one on, so the guitar tone is going to dimensionally increase, it's gonna be dramatically different and new and exciting. (tepid applause) That's good. Now that I've played it up of course, if it's not dimensionally exciting then I'm in trouble. So... save it for the internet! Uh, allright, so here's the new guitar sound (strums a sparkly major chord)-- Isn't that dimensional? Ooooh, dimensions of guitar sound! (more strumming and oooooohs)

and also this--

<b>John:</b> We forgot to bring our merchandise in with us because... we're totally drunk. I've been drunk all day... but after the show we will go get our merchandise and bring it in... so by all means come and talk to us because well be selling our own merchandise as an expression of our faith in capitalism. That's right, in these trying times it is the indie rock bands selling their own t-shirts that are keeping this country together.

hear hear!
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