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Unremarkable wrote:You're right! Does this mean the LW are no longer playing?!?!

This is not acceptable.

Gentlemen of the Long Winters, I implore you to play this show.

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heather wrote:Woman, I TOLD you not to go mixing up message boards again. This is your last warning.

I think I'll be all right, but if that Skrocki character shows up, I'm DOOMED.
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Re: actually...

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matt wrote:That show at the Crocodile in July (the 19th) with Clem Snide headlining, has *both* the Long Winters and Dear John Letters opening up. This is great news, as I love all 3 of these bands, and the 2 locals in particular. And while I'm at it, I gotta add they compliment each other remarkably well.

So I'm 29 (or I will be on July 19), and I'm headed for the all-ages version of this bill. Why? While I can see the appeal of preferring to rub elbows with folks yer own age, and certainly no one wants to feel old, all-ages shows are better.

Agreed on DJL. They do go well together and I was thrilled to see them on the bill. They are a great live band. They're good on CD too but I like them much more live.

I am 29 and will be at the all ages show too. But for a different reason. I like the LW so much I'm gonna go to both shows that evening.
It'll be interesting to compare.
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excuse me but there is an all age s show at the croc 630 pm on the same day as the croc show thats on a thursday. the croc has been holding all ages shows, and as someone who yearned to get into the clubs to see super deluxe, i waited 5 or 6 years to do so. thle clubs aint that great it gets over too late and the people there are all ugly.

i have never seen super deluxe play an over 21 show. and i have seen that band 13 times. they did but i was delusional, and scared to death.

i like the sit n spin and the baltic room, its fantastic! now rkcndy was the best.
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