The incredible Alaskan, 6 Nov, Seattle

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Post by kaiden »

Damned rain. So, I ended up not going and now I am really sad about it.

I was driving down a major road in Olympia towards the on-ramp to I-5 and I hydroplaned a good five or six times and got splashed with a huge amount of water and completely lost visibility for a couple seconds. Afterwards I decided that maybe I was not willing to die in a horrible, rain-induced crash on I-5 just to see the show.

I still think I may have made the right decision but I am still sad.
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Re: The incredible Alaskan, 6 Nov, Seattle

Post by pahouk »

A portion of this show is going to be on the Seattle Channel tonight at 11. It's also available at I took a quick look and unfortunately I don't think they show the portion with John and Sean. Maybe there'll be a Part 2 some day? It's still pretty funny.
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Re: The incredible Alaskan, 6 Nov, Seattle

Post by h4ck »

blah! like a fool i sat through a bunch of this (although somewhat entertaining as it was) waiting to see our fearless leader... i fast forwarded through parts, etc. etc., only to then go back and read the rest of the thread "but the part john is in is not on there" DOH!
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