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Rock band

Post by h4ck »

"Independent artists will be able to use the XNA Creator's Club to produce the Rock Band note-charts for their music and sell them in game later this year. Bands will use their original song masters and generate a MIDI file that produces the game 'gems' to which players can follow along. Tracks must pass a review process with other XNA members, and then a final approval from MTV Games. Songs will be sold for between 50 cents and $3, with the artist getting a 30% cut after MTV and Microsoft take their cut. The best tracks will also make their way to the Wii and PS3 after a 30-day exclusive period."

john, any opinions on this? will i be rockin' out with my plastic guitar or are you fundamentally against this sort of thing.

on the other hand, i do remember you saying you'll do anything as long as you're paid for it...right?
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Re: Rock band

Post by John »

Well, it's not like I'll do just ANYTHING. But this seems like harmless fun. I played the Rockband game once. I wish my guitar only had four buttons.
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Re: Rock band

Post by Patr!ck »

My vote is something like Rich Wife, or Departure. Rich Wife seems like a better choice to introduce people who have never heard the Winters. It's gotta be something that has a cool, prominent guitar part and words that are fun to sing. Also, add a great guitar solo.
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Re: Rock band

Post by sour29 »

I would go with Cinnamon, personally. Three chords -- so could be easy on easy and normal difficulties, but with all those pull-offs and hammer-on's? Could get ridiculous for hard and expert. And catchy as all Hell.
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