The Long Winters in San Francisco

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Cafe Du Nord
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The Long Winters in San Francisco

Post by Cafe Du Nord »

Next Tuesday July 22nd with Clem Snide @ the Cafe Du Nord

Sorry about the Self Promotion but I love the band and want to make sure people know they are playing in the City because we are an intimate venue where you really get a different musical experience than the big clubs.
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Post by BladeRunner »

they're also going to be at Spaceland on the 24th in Los Angeles. It's kidna self-promotion, but more along the lines of reminding my friend that he better be willing to go, 'cause I'm still some what pissed that we didn't go see them at Spaceland at last, 'casue he wasn't up to it.

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Post by Merlin »

I'd like to bestow "point of personal privilege" on this post, because I, too, would love to see a good turnout for this show. The SF audience seems to be picking up, but every little bit helps.

I can also give my personal okey-dokey to Du Nord. Great venue, nice bartenders, and really tasty mojitos. And very MUNI-accessible, to boot.
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Post by sean »

the stage sound is excellent, i might add. in fact, yes, i will add that. the stage sound is excellent at cafe du nord.
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Post by theonlylivingboyinIA »

Let's not forget the well-groomed, friendly bar staff and that lovely awning outside for smoking/people watching.
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Post by grant »

Does the Cafe du Nord carry a wide selection of cheeses?
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Post by smelllikelime »

Darnit! I'm actually going to San Fransisco this weekend, if I could stay until Tuesday I could have gone to both the LA and 'Frisco shows. Man, that would have been sweeeeeeeet.

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