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John - I can't find what time it starts - do you know when it does?

Sounds great!
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I'm so sad! I have to miss the Beatles cover night AND 3IG's indie rock Xmas. Sometimes I forget why I go home for the holidays. Hopefully I'll be around for the Heaven and Hell Ball. I'm in it for the rumble.
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John wrote:I know it's last minute, but Andrew from the EMP is putting on a cover-night at the Sunset Tavern this Saturday night where we're covering the White Album in order, front to back, and I'm doing two of the songs. Lots of other great musicians, Scott MacCaughy, y'know, the usual culprits. My songs are Cry Baby Cry and Dear Prudence. Come if you can.

I wish I could come. I would love to hear you do Dear Prudence, BUT....I have plans elsewhere. My buttrock friends have a jam show and it's free w/2 cans of food. So I will be off in Kenmore hearing covers of Bullet Boys, AC/DC, Skid Row, etc, etc. surrounded by a lot of really drunk people. It should be fun! :)

BUT I will see you Sunday at The Croc! HO! HO! HO!
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