Best Show Ever (Cambridge 4/10)

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Best Show Ever (Cambridge 4/10)

Post by Midori »

I had one of the coolest nights of my whole life tonight. Let me tell you why.
From the beginning:
My best friend goes to Brown (in Providence, RI) and about 3 weeks ago he called me and told me The Long Winters were playing in Cambridge and he was gonna go and would split the cost of a plane ticket for me to come up from Florida and go with him as an extremely belated birthday present.
We had a totally confusing time finding this place tonight, but we finally did and were standing outside debating where to eat. We were arguing between McDonalds and the restaurant part of the club where they were playing. We didn't have a lot of cash, so we were gonna go to McDonalds, but then we were worried that we might miss the beginning or something and we should eat in the restaurant so we could hear if they started.
So there's 2 parts to this restaurant: the part connected to "upstairs" and the part connected to "downstairs." They were playing downstairs and we went in the upstairs part because we couldn't tell the difference from the outside and we were too lazy to switch after the fact.
Like half way through dinner some dude sits down behind me and my friend goes "Was that John Roderick?" and I couldn't tell because he was backwards from me and wearing this trucker hat so my friend kept daring me to ask him and make him turn around so eventually I turned around and asked him so he'd turn around and it was SO not him and it was terribly embarrassing. So we go to leave and my friend walks out and out of the corner of my eye I see these 2 dudes sitting at a table and I grab my friend and go "THAT'S John Roderick."
So we told him we were really big fans and he took a picture with us and was completely the nicest guy ever. He was so fucking cool. He asked us if we wanted to hear anything and we said Scared Straight and Stupid and then later he played them and was like "These go out by request..." Man it was so awesome. We stood so close to the stage.
I've never been so psyched at a show in my whole life. They only played for like half an hour, but this half an hour has set the bar for every show I will ever go to in terms of sheer coolness/rockingness.


P.S. He said they'd come to Florida. Hell yea.
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Re: Best Show Ever (Cambridge 4/10)

Post by hovering »

Midori wrote: P.S. He said they'd come to Florida. Hell yea.

however, when they play in atlanta/athens with the decemberists (WHICH THEY HAVE TO OR I'LL THROW DOWN), i am taking applications for road trip partners.
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