Happy Birthday, Eric!

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Happy Birthday, Eric!

Post by mms »

Calling all TLWers: May 4 is Eric Corson's birthday in Madrid.

Please post him a shout-out so he'll know we're thinking of him, even as he's enjoying his paella and sangria (according to Longhorn).

Feliz Cumpleanos to the TLW Bassist and all-around great guy! Happy Birthday, kid.
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Post by bustedacres »

Thanks for mentioning it--I didn't know!

I have sent birthday wishes via my friend Licia, who happens to be in Spain on business at the same time the Longfellows are there.

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Post by LoveSickJerk »

Happy birthdqay!
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Post by aj »

feliz cumpleaños
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Post by sillyho »

A very happy birthday to you Eric!
Hope you're enjoying the paella and sangria everyone keeps talking about...there are other good things to enjoy in Spain, too, right?
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Post by SLR »

Happy Birthday Eric!!!! I miss you!
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Post by Liesbeth »

so, does Eric get to choose the encores tonight?
I hope the Madrid crowd sings for him
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Post by NatureBoy »

::holds up a shot::

Eric - here's to livin' single, drinkin' double and sleepin' triple. I wish nothing but the best for ya, you're a hell of a good guy. Safe travels out there, all of you.

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Post by sour29 »

happy birthday, my good man.
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Post by realneal »

In honor of Eric and His Birthday, a banter-quote from the 4/20 Cambridge show:

Roderick: "Check, check...we need more vocals on eric. We’d love to hear more of eric’s vocals in the audience, is that correct?"

Crowd: "Yeah!"

Roderick: "I’d like to congradulate Eric, this is his debeu on this tours singing the harmony vocals. He is doing an extrordinary job because he is an extrodinary musician, and we could all take a lesson from him -- in the way we treat other people . . . in the way we sing our harmony vocals . . . and play our basses at the same time."
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Post by mildlyrestarted »

happy birthday, hon. i hope it was fun. :)
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Post by jess »

Hope is was a fun one on the road! Best wishes.
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Happy Birthday Eric!

Post by middswing »

Hey Eric! Sorry it took me so long ... had to get a reservation at Denny's. They NEVER have tables in the middle of the night! <*wink*>

Happy Birthday ... if I say it while you're in Amsterdam it still counts, right? -- Alex
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