The Barsuk mp3 coaster.

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The Barsuk mp3 coaster.

Post by grant »

I had this idea a week or so ago, and it just came back to me.

Back in the mid-90s, when these files called "mp3s" were going to revolutionize music by putting unsigned bands on the net, I had a page on Lots of people did. A bunch of us hooked up with this dude named David Ross who had this concept: he was going to sell mp3 cds with, like, replicas of our webpages, about five songs from each of nearly a hundred bands that you could play on your PC, along with 18 or so tracks that'd play on a regular CD player. He released three or four of these hybrid mp3/audio CDs, but I don't think they ever made him wealthy. It was a hard idea to explain to anyone who wasn't already downloading mp3s from the net, and those who were downloading weren't going to pay for coasters with files they could get for free elsewhere.

That was about 10 years ago. Nowadays, mp3s are everywhere, turned into an industry outlet, and music fans buy audio CDs just to stick 'em in iTunes and load up the iPod. Everybody knows mp3s. Even college DJs get material this way.

People also understand that blank CDs are actually pretty cheap. Most labels, like Barsuk, offer mp3s of singles on their company pages, where they used to offer, like, annual samplers on audio CDs.

So, the idea: I'm wondering... what if Barsuk (or whoever) sold cheap mp3 CD samplers?

I'd probably spend $5 or $10 on a disc that had mp3s of every song they've hosted on their site. It wouldn't need to have an audio CD component -- everyone knows what mp3s are and how to use a computer to listen to songs. If Barsuk partnered up with some other label, you could stick 50 songs, 100 songs on an mp3 CD easily. It seems like they'd pay for themselves, either as promotion or just with loons like me willing to shell out to avoid the hassle of dling all the songs. I'm pretty sure they'd make nice giveaways to DJs, too -- they're playing mp3s on the air now.

Is there something wrong with this idea that I haven't seen yet?
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Post by sour29 »

I certainly don't speak for everyone -- but I wouldn't pay much for a CD of MP3s. I mean, I'm morally against paying for MP3s as a general rule, as it's inferior quality of music. If there were hundreds of mp3s on there from a number of bands on a number of labels, I can see myself shelling out a couple of bucks for it -- but for the most part, anyone who knows their ass from their elbow can get all the tracks you can offer on a CD somewhere for free on the internet. It would either have to be really, really dirt cheap, or free.

I agree: as a promotional tool, it would be amazing. But as a product? I don't see it doing terribly well.
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Post by Yarn »

I however, agree with Grant, and would pay 5-10 bucks, glady- for convienence alone.
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Post by NatureBoy »

Yarn wrote:I however, agree with Grant, and would pay 5-10 bucks, glady- for convienence alone.

I'll fill Barsuk's coffers any time.
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Post by Liesbeth »

I don't oppose to mp3s, but I don't think I would buy a sampler like that.
Because I don't find downloading files a hassle, on the contrary, it adds to the 'I discovered this myself' feeling.

Although I might buy something like that, if it were from a label that doesn't provide songs for download but only streams them. Shouldn't cost more than a fiver though, I'm just not gonna pay more for something that I cannot put directly in a cd-player (not having an mp3-player, playing mp3s if more of a hassle than a normal cd).
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