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Bake them cookies right

Postby Merlin » Thu Apr 24, 2003 10:03 pm

Nerdy but useful to know:

If you're gonna use the message board a lot (and you should), make sure your cookies are getting baked correctly.

If you want to be anal--and I know you will--you can go into "Options" or "Preferences" or whatever and delete your current cookies for

Then go to the "according-to-Hoyle" correct start address of and *then* log in, telling it to remember you.

That should improve your chances of future logins working correctly.

Sorry, folks--we didn't invent the internet: we just made it dangerously sexy and a little more rock.

If you're having serial problems, let us know. But generally speaking, deleting your cookies for a given site and starting over is seldom a terrible thing.

Nerd stuff about cookies:

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