Stupid Special Olympics

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Stupid Special Olympics

Post by Karousme »

Just flipped on the TV this morning and went into the kitchen. I heard the opening strains of "Stupid" and peeked around the corner to see what visuals this song was paired with. It was a commercial for the Special Olympics. Has anyone else seen this?
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Betty Felon
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Post by Betty Felon »

omg, seriously? If someone wasn't listening closely to the lyrics....oh man.
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Post by Karousme »

There were no lyrics spoken. They just looped the guitar intro throughout. Still, if people knew what the song was called they'd probably raise an eyebrow. We'll just keep that our little secret.
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Post by NatureBoy »

I saw it last night, and thought it ironical...

Though they edited the beginning of the song so it goes 5 bars before 'cresting the wave'...
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Post by Jessie »

My goodness...well I'll have to keep an eye out for that one! Or an ear, if you will.
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Post by Skip »

I just saw that ad myself and came here to make sure I was hearing what I thought I was hearing.

What a spectacularly bad idea.

Is there seriously no other song with a few nice bars that they could have used?

Sure, hardly anybody will notice, but for those who do...
pas de nom
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Post by pas de nom »

Yeah, I heard that commercial a couple times last night at work. I rarely pay attention to the TVs playing about the store where I work, but when I heard the melody to "Stupid" I looked up and I saw a commercial for the Special Olympics. Like Skip, I came here to kind of confirm my observation. The situation of having a song entitled “Stupid” for a Special Olympics commercial can seem a bit inappropriate, though I suppose a simple dissection of the song shows it is just about regret: how stupid I would feel/ if fifteen years from now I see her/ and she says why didn’t it happen between us. It is so easy for a listener to pick apart of song and use the lyrics to make a desired argument. We the viewer would feel stupid if we miss the opportunity to watch the Special Olympics or the participants would feel regret if they don’t go after this opportunity to compete… I don’t know. I suppose it is just a commercial and most people probably won’t be able to identify the song.
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Post by Unremarkable »

I saw this today and was dumbfounded. I mean, how could they get away with something like that?
Laura Suzanne
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Post by Laura Suzanne »

Frankly, as someone who spends the vast majority of her time with developmentally disabled people, I find this wildly funny.
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