Long Winters Opening Track On New Compilation.

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Long Winters Opening Track On New Compilation.

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NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Camberwell, Victoria, Australia, 02/24/2008 - Announcing the release/order date for the compilation Parx-e - A Compilation Of Independent Music which is via Clear Springs Entertainment distributed by Amphead Music.

After a few months of scouring for Distribution, The good people at Amphead Music decided to give this record label a chance. The compilation has received some good reviews and customer feedback has been fantastic. People are enjoying the mix of tunes and styles on the CD and await the second release for the label.

So from the 1st of March you will be able to pop down to your local JB Hi-fi or any good record store in Australia and order in a copy of Parx-e - A Compilation Of Independent Music.

For a price of $15 it has a wide variety of different styles and artists and bands who are going to be making names for themselves in the music industry.

1. The Long Winters – Pushover (USA) 2. Amanda Rogers – Drive (USA) 3. The Brightwings – All I Need (USA) 4. Fourth Floor Collapse – Another Push (AUS) 5. Katie Brianna - The Devil Came Back For You (AUS) 6. Stapleton – Ships Of The North Atlantic (Scotland) 7. The Wellingtons – She Gave Up(AUS) 8. The Dramas – Scenes The Same (USA) 9. Pine – Hosanna (NZ) 10. Jenny Dalton – Lily And The Stranger (USA) 11. Julian Coryell - My Generation (USA) 12. Rebecca Loebe – As I Tell You So (USA) 13. Agent – Crave (NZ) 14. The Scissor File – Reason To Run (AUS) 15. Highroad No. 28 – Drugeater (AUS) 16. Shannon Curtis – Boomerangs & Arrows (USA) 17. Joe Rohan – Pair Of Horses (USA) 18. The Beautiful Burn – Introduction (NZ) 19. The Strain - Linger (AUS) 20. Jessica McPherson – Flow (AUS)

For further information contact Chris at Clear Springs Entertainment
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awesome... what compilation are the Long Winters not a part of :)

(sorry, for the unnecessary comment)
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