Long Winters Catalog Review

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No You Are
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Long Winters Catalog Review

Post by No You Are »

I have recently had the pleasure to listen to every album (and one EP) that the Long Winters ever recorded. And since the board is dead, I thought I would post my reviews of each. Let me know if you agree, disagree, etc.

The Worst You Can Do is Harm - Pretty much awesome.

When I Pretend to Fall - I would say awesome.

Ultimatum EP - Awesome, but loses points for not having as many songs on it when compared to the other, fuller length albums.

Putting the Days to Bed - Awesomely awesome.

Now, I realize some of that may be pretty controversial (especially the hatchet-job on Ultimatum), but it's how I honestly feel.
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Re: Long Winters Catalog Review

Post by Patr!ck »

I do have a small issue with your reviews.

Worst You Can Do is pretty much awesome, yes.

When I Pretend To Fall is indeed awesome, you don't need the reservation in your statement.

However, Ultimatum is awesome but does not lose points. Commander Thinks Aloud and Ultimatum are on this EP. Also Delicate Hands (which I think may be about a serial killer, but I digress) is here. Everything is Talking is not my style.

Putting the Days to Bed is indeed awesomely awesome.

John's work ethic is not awesome.
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Re: Long Winters Catalog Review

Post by Liesbeth »

in my book Harm is absolutely slaying it awesome, Pretend to Fall is totally headbobbingly awesome, Ultimatum is an awesome little gem (just for The Commander it should be top of any list!), and Bed is rockin' awesome.
Also I would like to add a review of Live at the Showbox, which is awesome, especially since it's now been 4 years and almost 4 months since I've seen TLW live.
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Re: Long Winters Catalog Review

Post by sour29 »

Harm is an under-rated piece of awesome.
Fall is a indie-rock masterpiece of virtual perfection.
Ultimatum is a fantastic EP made better by vinyl-only bonus tracks.
Days is a phenomenal disc that is absolutely confounding how it had to grow on me a bit.

And I was just listening to Live At The Showbox's Unsalted Butter. How great is Rothman's keyboard part?!
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