pics from Phoenix

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pics from Phoenix

Post by therubylee »

Here are some neet pics from the Longwinters/Centro-matic show in Phx, AZ

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Post by Unremarkable »

Nice, good stuff!
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Post by omphale »

hmmmm, tell me it wasn't really that bright? brightly lit bars scare me...
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Post by smelllikelime »

those are great! much better than the ones I got at Spaceland last night (except the one I took with John an my firend Michael (aka europopkid)).

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Post by Moni »

thanks... some really nice ones there!
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Post by A Brutaful Smile »

omphale wrote:hmmmm, tell me it wasn't really that bright? brightly lit bars scare me...

if i remember correctly that's where i saw them in az.
it's not a bar, it's an all ages "club". i say that loosely because it's basically a house that's been made to put on shows. and it probably was that bright.
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