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Post by Squid »

I can't really be sad about bill paying this month coz I just scored the R BUCKMINSTER FULLER Stamps! Look there's even a cute little Dymaxion car in the lower right corner! eeeee!


The cool stamps are *always* sold out, man. I go in asking for the, like, Alexander Calders and end up with flags or kittens or Famous Cereal Inventors of the Midwest....BUT NOT TODAY.

Today, I am King.
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Post by carlitos »

Bucky was the *man*.

I got some Paul Robeson stamps the other day and was very pleased. Bonus points for the US Mail honoring a commie.
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Betty Felon
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Post by Betty Felon »

those have to be the coolest stamps I've ever seen.

I never mail anything though. I still have stamps from the Seoul Olympics.
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