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Post by Squid »

Dear Floridians:

Okay, we're worried about you again.

Please to check in for a headcount. (Assuming you're not in your cars heading out of your respective areas.)

grant? a-kitty? hovering? c-los?
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Post by grant »

I am, as they say, hunkered.

We only got electricity back after Frances last Friday. Lovely low power bill, but the mess in the freezer was awful.

This hurricane business is beastly. Category 3 winds expected by tonight. Plenty of fallen trees and privacy fences stacked neatly by the roadsides, simply waiting to become deadly projectiles.

I've been channeling Noel Coward today, which has been helpful. Three years ago (while affected by the anthrax -- I suppose many of you don't realize I work for that publication), I found a wonderful archive of WWII music on the web, including an audio file for "Don't Let's Be Beastly to the Germans." Been searching for it this morning (in between shuttering up the kitchen again), but can't find it to save my life.

Oh, and Fi, your CD arrived this afternoon, along with the first of the "feeder bands." You are a saint.
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Post by dchris »

I'm bored of hurricanes. I've already gone through this so many times.

All I care about right now:
If tonight or tomorrow's Hot Water Music (hometown!) shows get cancelled, I will be quite unhappy. If Monday's Melvins show is cancelled, I will be out for blood.
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