exciting new albums

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exciting new albums

Post by Liesbeth »

oh, my goodness, I'm so excited about the new Teenage Fanclub album coming soon! We almost planned an out-of-the-blue weekend in Edinburgh to see them live, but the show was sold out already. But there seems to be talk about European gigs as well - for years they only played the British Isles, this is big news!

in similar excitement, I'm about to order the new South San Gabriel, which is a story about a cat - I'm very curious. And they have already announced their umpteenth tour in Europe, yay!

and then there is the new Posies album which will be coming at the end of June, and finally Jon Auer's solo album, release date as yet unknown, both with European dates in the making.

what else should we be looking out for?
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Re: exciting new albums

Post by Moni »

Liesbeth wrote:finally Jon Auer's solo album, release date as yet unknown

Uh did you happen to look at Jon's latest entry on his website?...
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Post by LoveSickJerk »

The Raveonettes
Ben Folds
Nada Surf
John Vanderslice
Nine Inch Nails
And the Deceberists came out on tuesday! Hooray!
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Post by chelsea »

i have this poster on the ceiling above my bed, and just about every morning when i wake up, i can't help but say "oh matthew, when oh when will i get to hear the new nada surf album? september seems TOO far away..."
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Post by Karousme »

the mountain goats.
pas de nom
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Post by pas de nom »

the Divorce (!!!)
the Fire Theft
and I suppose the Long Winters would be stating the obvious
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Post by Yarn »

Karousme wrote:the mountain goats.

God damn I love the Mountain Goats.
the hutch
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Post by the hutch »

I feel like the only person on the planet that doesn't get The Mountain Goats. And yes, I've seen 'em live.

Liesbeth, I can't believe you will get to see the latest live SSG before me! It just doesn't seem right! (But I am happy for you! Give Mark a hug for me, I haven't seen him in ages.)
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Post by Yarn »

I know quality music fans who don't "get" the Mountain Goats, either. Fret not.
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