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MTV cribs

Post by Liesbeth »

with thanks to the dear23 mailing list: check this out, brilliant idea from Joe Pernice
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Post by Like_a_zero »

Haha thats cool, I like the double sink, nice feature.
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Post by empirelucas »

As he's narrating he sounds a lot like the vocalist from King Missile
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Post by Squid »

who knew he could surpass the genius of the "i hate my life" bumper sticker? i love the tour of the cleaning products. i'm sending this to everyone!
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Post by longtimecoming »

i thhought mr gibbard was the subject of cribs when i thought id look a t this thread, or maybe sean or john.\\

i stand corrected.

someone should make a "local kndd cribs" air it on channel 9 and have local musician s show us their cribs.
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