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Post by Squid »

eh? what happened? i was polishing my 78s and fell asleep on the veranda...
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Post by Moni »

John wrote:In the meanwhile, would you care for a hand-rolled cigar?

no weed?
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Post by Gardner »

Banishment to Coyote Ugly? I think that may constitute cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.

I’ve been a guest in your fine establishment for only a short while, and although I promise to remain expressionless, I have authority issues. Therefore, I’m going off to stand in the corner with a smuggled-in mojito in one hand and a hand-rolled cigar in the other and will continue my 1950s Cuba fantasy.
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Post by Liesbeth »

Good for you, a little anarchy is appreciated by the leaders of our establishment, even if they cannot openly express it, for fear that it will undermine the fundaments of their ivory tower (don't believe the tower of doom story, that's just to keep the commons from unsollicited entry).

In fact, I suspect the Salon is rather like the Tardis, it will take us wherever we want. Or better still:
[url=http://www.roalddahlfans.com/movies/willlyrics.php#pure]"There is no life I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there, you'll be free
If you truly wish to be"[/url]
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Post by ohiofan »

I'll be drinking from a plastic cup, laughing out loud, possibly rolling on the floor with my stable boy, and making general frowned-upon merriment with the peasants next door (Keane forum), but if I find any news or photos for you, I'll stumble over and post them. ;-)
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