greatest songs of all fucking time

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wow, your service is great, very enlightening to have that explanation in Dutch.
I'm a sucker for Romantic classical music, one of my favourite albums of all time is Smetana's My Fatherland, although I really couldn't pick one part to be my favourite. It's so wonderfully dramatic.
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Best barfight song:
"Flirtin' With Disaster"-Molly Hatchet

Other great "fucking" songs include:

"Relax"-Frankie Goes To Hollywood
"Theme From 'Chariots Of Fire'"
"Stigmata"-Ministry (But you gotta want it, and you'd better bring it!)
"Unsalted Butter"-TLW
"Tenderness"-General Public
"Raspberry Beret"Prince

Suprisingly, there aren't any HDanger songs, in my opinion,
that are really sex worthy...

The greatest song you can enjoy, even with your clothes on, is:

"Come And Get It"-Badfinger

"Would you walk away from a fool and his money"???
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