The Implications of Huckabee's former fatness

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Betty Felon
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The Implications of Huckabee's former fatness

Post by Betty Felon »

" Huckabee is an ongoing reality series - "American Idol" and the "Biggest Loser" combined into a rollicking "Real World" campaign - playing now on your TV set."

"plus his personal story - weight loss and all - may be even more compelling that even Obama's - at least when it is played out on American television.

This could be key. Growing up a confused, angry teenager with a single mom, dabbling in drugs, racial identity confusion - all of these are issues Americans are still interested in and can possible relate to. However, losing 100 pounds is something maybe even more acutely personal to most Americans."


Sure, it's an argument based on fluff, but Americans vote by this stuff. eeeeeeep.
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Post by longtimecoming »

i lost almost 100 lbs...
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Post by Liesbeth »

wouldn't vote for the guy: that's pretty much the tackiest guitar I've ever seen
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Post by I.T. »

Liesbeth wrote:wouldn't vote for the guy: that's pretty much the tackiest guitar I've ever seen

My thoughts exactly.
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Post by Flyn »

It doesn't appear to be complete; all the cupolas in the world won't make up for a complete lack of hardware. I don't wanna put John's Gibson connection in Jeopardy with this trash talking, but this does raise valid question, I think: Are the American people aware that Huckabee believes in the existence of guitars and, apparently, electric guitars? Will this shake his evangelical base (bass?)?
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No You Are
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Post by No You Are »

I knew a guy that played a mean evangelical bass.
Harvey Winters
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Post by Harvey Winters »

I bailed on him at "fair tax"...
Really, you wanna tax Cotton Candy, the 4H, and "Lizard Boy"???
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Post by chadham »

Liesbeth wrote:wouldn't vote for the guy: that's pretty much the tackiest guitar I've ever seen

You're worried about the guitar? What about that pleather jacket?
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