Rocking Chair Tour

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Rocking Chair Tour

Post by Liesbeth »

in his tour diary Sean wrote: “Oh no,” he says, in a tired husk. “My rocking days are over. I’m an old man now. I figure the only rocking I’m gonna be doing is in a rocking chair.” And with that, he explodes with laughter, sucking air past his moustache and repeating, “rocking chair. Haw haw haw.”
In fact, if we were the kind of band that names its tours (and who can forget Bowie’s Glass Spider?), I’d be hard pressed to think of a better title for this one. It’d look good on a satin jacket, I’ll tell you that much.

Oh, I can see the t-shirt: a shot of John tied up on a chair from the Blue Diamonds video, with the subtitles 'Where is my band?' I would buy that and a satin jacket to go with it.
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Post by omphale »

Oh, YES!! This really needs to happen! I'll buy one for everyone I know. Even my grandma.
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