Sgt Petter

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Sgt Petter

Postby stevenmc » Thu Aug 14, 2003 1:42 am

I don`t know what everyone`s tastes are like. I do know that whenever someone compares a new band to one of my favourites, i typically never see the appeal. However, I discovered this band around the same time as the Long Winters and that`s where I draw my comparisons from.

The artist is Sgt Petter, a Norwegian band/man. Well, they sound completely American but it sounds great. Some really catchy melodies on there, and sometimes it`s rocky, sometimes country. I was really surprised by it and like it more than i expected, though i didn`t get to see him live last week in amsterdam or haldern.

I only learned about it as it`s being released in Holland / Belgium. God knows, about the rest of the world, but i think there are samples on

I may be new, and i might not have much to say very often, but don`t hate me for it. I just figure someone here might like it.


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