I need to vent (re: Simon and Garfunkel)

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Betty Felon
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I need to vent (re: Simon and Garfunkel)

Post by Betty Felon »

I need to vent. I have just been simultaneously crushed and enraged, and because of the crushing, there is no where for the rage to go except the internet.

Anyway, like many of you, I was filled with joy and hope when I heard that Simon and Garfunkel are reuniting and tour dates are posted. Was I really going to hear that exquisite perfect harmony live?

No. I'm not. The nosebleed seats cost $125! I was willing to pay up to $70 a ticket for this duo, but I was completely blindsided with these astronomical prices. I can't believe it.

Normally, when I feel the injustice of the world, I put on Simon and Garfunkel. Now what do I do?
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Post by omphale »

put on the long winters?
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