peanut-butter toast

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i have never felt about crab genitals
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Wow...that looks totally funky out of context.
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LoveSickJerk wrote:Personally i'm not a fan of crab-or any crustacean's- genitals. However, chicken on a bone i can live with. Otherwise i wouldn't be Buffalonian.

The Vegetarian Meg sometimes regrets that she no longer has leave to have Anchor Bar-style wings. If she could only get them to sell her the wing-sauce in a little container, she could put this sauce on a nice sandwich, no wings necessary.

I suppose I could make my own. Tabasco, butter, and spice? That's how the family used to make it back in Attica.

Why, oh why, do I always end up dropping my eating habits on the board? So messy.
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