"miserable failure"

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"miserable failure"

Post by ChadyzGroove »

Go to Google, then type "miserable failure" in the search box, and click "I'm feeling lucky." AH HAHA SO TRUTHFUL
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Post by heather »

wow, that's the first time i've ever used the 'i'm feeling lucky' button. I LOVE IT!
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Post by stargirl »

Awesome. Google should be given an award or a cookie.
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Post by BladeRunner »

I've known about that for a while.
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Betty Felon
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Post by Betty Felon »

Super Cool.

And darn it, it changed...it used to be if you typed in "more evil than satan himself" you'd get Microsoft. Now you just get a bunch of articles about it.

btw--Did y'all know Google is also a calculator? Just type in your (+-*/) equation and it does simple math.
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Post by Unremarkable »

Awesome. So very, very awesome.
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Post by Dez »

Does anybody know what the logic behind the "I'm Feeling Lucky"-button is?
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I agree.

Post by LoveSickJerk »

"I'm feeling lucky" Button:
It sends you directly to the first page it gets back as a result.

The first time I saw that, i laughed for nearly half an hour.
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