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alas, alack

Postby stephanie » Thu Feb 12, 2004 2:41 pm

Unremarkable wrote:I heard Dean supports the death penalty. :( Is that true Stephanie?

Very sorry to report that what you've heard is correct -- albeit only for "extreme and heinous crimes." My theory on the whole ordeal is that you cannot and will not win 'em all, as it were, so being a socio-politically far-left Dean supporter requires a bit of a compromise in a few places.

However, I literally love EVERYTHING else he has to say (!!!), so I'm willing to allow a little leeway on some of my superliberal beliefs (i.e. that all capital punishment and all firearms should be blanket-banned at the federal level) simply because a) he's so great on everything else, b) he has an actual record with proven results, and c) there's no way someone as socially liberal as I'd like would ever be able to convince Congress to work productively with them.

Apparently I'm playing host to some DFA staffers from Vermont starting tonight and rolling through the WI primaries (2/17); should be quite grand.

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Harry Kellerman
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Postby Harry Kellerman » Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:36 pm

no pic wrote:thank god fer Dean, or these primaries would be as boring as shit.

Y'all are scaring me alittle tho' please tell me you guys don't vote fer someone JUST b/c he's a liberal?

well, it helps. (at least for the majority of the people on this thread, including me)

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