The Long Winters art library.

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not a long winter at all.
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The Long Winters art library.

Post by not a long winter at all. »

To all of your art-loving board members; let’s start an official Long Winters art library.
I drop my LW work of art first.

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Post by Midori »

Oh man i made myself the coolest t-shirt. I wish I could show you guys. I took the swirly part of the WIPTF cover art and got rid of the green backgroud and blew it up and turned it sideways and put it across the chest of the shirt. It's so cool. It says the long winters like near the bottom on the back. Heh. I'm a band nerd.
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Post by LoveSickJerk »

mine has river otters.
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Post by eatmysunshine »

I love making band shirts. I haven't done a long winters one yet, but I will eventually. I made a Moldy Peaches shirt using an old white t-shirt and a sharpie, because it really matches their musical style better than any other method. Front and back.
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