the poetry thread...

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the poetry thread...

Postby longtimecoming » Wed Apr 30, 2003 2:33 pm

ok, here is s omething called i love stupid

ive got a hurt foot/and a limp
kiss meim irish
i love stupid

ive got 30 bucks and a rag tag hat
love me
i am insane
i love stupid hear me roar
ive got my headphones on, ready for a treat.
i love stupid, you can lick my feet.

i want you to love me
why dont you see that we love john and sean.. so
when we see them play and then we call it aday and you know what,i love stupid, hear me roar, i love stupid ,hear me roar
i love stupid, ...waaaaaaaaaaaaaahawoooahhwoo.... hear me roar

i just made that up, im gonna have to print this out when i get home.. ha ha

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Postby mildlyrestarted » Thu May 01, 2003 9:45 pm

whoa, dude.

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Postby Moni » Fri May 02, 2003 7:19 am

"must stop... writing down ideas... when high."
(Jon Stewart)

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the only explanation

Postby stephanie » Fri May 02, 2003 9:15 am

This is not real.

Now I'm going to slowly walk away, and never look back.

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Postby Unremarkable » Fri May 02, 2003 9:37 am

Oh, it's real, and it's JULIE!!!

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