geeks, I need your help

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geeks, I need your help

Postby hovering » Sat Jun 19, 2004 10:08 pm

Really, I love the geeks; I do! Anyway, I downloaded some .flac files and while I don't want this to go back to the debate that was going on before, I just want to know a few things and if someone could help me out, I'd appreciate it.

1) what kind of program do I need to listen to these on winamp?
2) can I burn these to a cd-r or do I need to convert them to wav's or mp3's?
3) if so, how do I convert them to wav's or mp3's (I have a converting program, but it doesn't seem to be working)?
4) someone, tell me something useful. thank you.

I'll stop being needy eventually.

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Postby SlimChance » Sun Jun 20, 2004 6:57 am

Some dude from some forum wrote:FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec):

Winamp can play it, if the correct plug-in is installed. There are plug-ins for Winamp and Quintessential Player at the bottom of this page:

I hope this helps.

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