massive heatwave

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Joe Szczepaniak
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Squid, I didn't know you lived in San Fran. I used to live in Los Altos, right next to Mountain View and Sunnyvale. We'd go into San Fran 4 times a week for fun. Wonderful place to live!

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Okay we actually did get very close to 20° last night, but I swear I didn't kill anyone.
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Joe Szczepaniak wrote:...I used to live in Los Altos, right next to Mountain View and Sunnyvale...
No freakin' way...I lived in Mountain View and went to school in Los Altos for a year (7th grade)!


Wait...what were we talking about? Weather! Yes! It's a tad warm out! ¡Vivan Los Inviernos Largos!
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Wait, Liz, isn't that like, 68F? that sounds good to me...

And yessssssssssss I know both Los Altos and M. View well, in fact I drive through or past them (quickly, as our board highway patrol officer pointed out), on a regular basis. I went to high school in San Jose myself, actually.

In other news, think I need to talk more about What Made Milwaukee Famous. I think I'll go bump that thread up again.
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