Sensationally Wicked After Party

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Betty Felon
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Post by Betty Felon »

OK, as inventor of the imaginary swap, and imaginary partner to Squiddles, the imaginary topic is "Uncommited and Representative of the US" in honor of the audience that had to sit through the recent town hall debate.

However, please make your imaginary mix much much much less boring please.
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Re: Sensationally Wicked After Party

Post by Liesbeth »

how are we doing here, good swappers?
I for one am currently 'living in the past' with Sally's excellent mix CD. I just realized that if I want to make good on my promise of sending mine out before Christmas I will have to finish it tonight. Wicked!
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wears the boots
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Re: Sensationally Wicked After Party

Post by grant »

junker sent amazing instrumentals. In a kind of podcast format.

It now resides comfortably on my Zen stone, having prompted me to recharge it and remove it from my pocket. A happier man am I.
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Re: Sensationally Wicked After Party

Post by zach »

Yeah. Um. Sorry.
Mine's still not out.
But it will be sent from the west coast, so there will be shorter transit time!
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Re: Sensationally Wicked After Party

Post by junker347 »

Grant's spectacular double-disc affair has been making my days at work considerably more tolerable with some great standards (well, as standard as CVB, Pentangle, and Jason Anderson can be), surprising covers, and 50's throwback rock and roll about socialist economics. A++++ would mix again.
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Re: Sensationally Wicked After Party

Post by Sally »

I enjoyed Leisbeth's mix all day today-- express post from the netherlands to canada!
Thank you- so fun to get a new mix cd....
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