The LW's Return

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The LW's Return

Post by Splitcoil »

Sean and John, at least, returned to Seattle last night at approximately 9:44PM on Alaska Flight 591 from San Francisco. I know because I was on the same flight. Woo-hoo!

When they boarded initially and walked past my seat, I said something goofy and loud like "Excuse me, but you guys should know that YOU RULE!" They were very gracious, John replying to the effect that it was nice to get on a plane and be told that you rule. My wife, overcome with the moment, reached out and touched them. Just on the arms, I'm told, but I have my doubts. Funny, she's never that excited about reaching out and touching me...

The cattle on the plane started asking who they were, and when told, the most common response was "Who? The Long Whats?" I informed them that they were world-famous and were recognized everywhere they went, to which Sean responded "Well, not everywhere."

Sean looked pretty tired, so I decided not to tell everybody that he was Art Garfunkel's love child. The idea had briefly occurred to me, but I figured it might ruin the flight for them. (Though John might have gotten a kick out of it.)

Turns out Alaska Air was already on the job of ruining the flight for them. The plane turned out to be broken and we spent about 5 hours in the airport. They looked pretty ragged, so I didn't bug them too much, but did stop by to say hi. They had been traveling for something like 34 hours on their way back from Europe. Poor guys. John looked pretty chipper, considering, but Sean looked like he needed a couple days in a sensory deprivation tank.

I didn't see the rest of the gang, but I assume they're somewhere in the airline pipeline.
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Re: The LW's Return

Post by Moni »

Splitcoil wrote:They had been traveling for something like 34 hours on their way back from Europe.

Whoa - that must be the new world record!
Sounds already bad enough... and then add further 5 hrs. courtesy Alaskan Air... yikes. All my sympathies!
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Post by Liesbeth »

34 hours, that could get you all the way to New Zealand from Europe, with time to spare for getting arrested in Singapore for chewing gum.

Hope the guitar didn't get lost in transfer, that would be too much!
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Post by inverted/converted »

wow! That was awesome. In a plane with Sean and John. I think you handled it quite well seeing as I would have been "OMG-ing" and what not.
good job.
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Post by Karousme »

Sean John, that reggae rapper guy?
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