Share your server space and bandwidth with The Long Winters

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Share your server space and bandwidth with The Long Winters

Post by Merlin »

While our little shared-server environment does okey-dokey for your run-of-the-mill indie rock web site-type traffic, we don't have the resources to host and serve large amounts of multimedia—such as MP3s, video, etc. Yet we're very interested in posting stuff like this to share with you all.

So, here we are with our digital hat in hand: we are looking for patrons to host or mirror music and videos from the band.

This means you have large amounts of server/disk space and bandwidth to spare, as well as the sort of connection that can tolerate high-traffic from these demanding, streamed files. The ideal situation would be a company's dedicated server with a T1/T3 connection and a very nice boss.

If you think you'd be interested in helping out (and have the necessary permission/clearance to offer it), drop an email to thorstenson at thelongwinters dot com. Much appreciated.
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