board spam policy (- did we really need one?)

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board spam policy (- did we really need one?)

Post by Liesbeth »

Hi 2 all, where is FAQ here? Each trader should know it. Here it is:
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debt consolidation
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Where i can found more? PS: Where i can read forum rules or somebody show me link to forum FAQ. Thanks.
Dear poster,

Spamming may have diminished your faculties to think for yourself, but you might have figured out yourself that on a music forum not even the off topic section is a place for commercial links. In general, the visitors of this board will know how to use a search engine, should they really be interested in stock trading tips, medicine of whatever capacity, or other once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities. Therefore messages of this kind do not have a place here and will be deleted without warning. I hope that this will answer any questions that might worry your little mind.

Yours sincerely,
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